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R.Wilson                          (Principal)
D. Calloway                   (Assistant Principal)



L. Waters                    (Grades 10-12 Counselor)
K. Cox                         (Grades 8 & 9 Counselor)


                                                              Staff members         

A. Davenport     (Secretary)
B. Hand              (Bookkeeper)
L. Jackson       (Resource Aide)
C. Dailey              (Nurse)
D. Simon             (Custodian)
J. Sims                (Custodian)
G. Smith          (Resource Aide)
D. Faucett      (Resource Aide)

                                    FACULTY   (9-12 Grades)    

R. George         (Social Sciences/Coach)
T. Allred                  (English 11/Yearbook)
A. Anderson             (Resource)
P.Avery                     (Media Specialist)
K. Buffalo                       (English 9)
C. Mims                      (Agriscience)
E. Bird                         (Resource)
V. Clements       (ACCESS Facilitator)
D. Collins                           (Science)
R. Ellison         (Family and Consumer Science)
S. McGehee                      (Math)
S. Cullen                         (Marketing)
J. Easterling     (Physical Education/ Coach)
J. B. Easterling                (Science)
A. Tillery              (Mathematics)
B. Elliott               (Technology Education)
P. Goodwin                       (Spanish)
R. Gray                          (Mathematics)
T. Lenoir                           (Chemistry)
D. Lowery                  (Social Science)
G. Martin                          (Band)
C. Mims                              (English 10)
A. Hope                  (English 12)
B. Morton                              (Science)
L. Robinson       (Physical Education/ Health)
K. Smitherman              (Social Science/Coach)
D. Swindle                          (Geometry)
V. Winslett                     (Mathematics)
G. Woodley                    (Social Science)


                                    FACULTY  (8th Grade)    

M. Bowden          (Physical Education)
N. Hayes                      (Social Science)
K. Crumpton           (Special Education)
S. Hayes                          (Mathematics)
J. Mitchell                                 (Reading)
G. Mims      (Family & Consumer Sciences)
J. Hogan                             (English)
R. Parker                          (Agriscience)
C. Popwell                               (Science)

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